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    About us

    Jiangmen City, CCJK Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is a professional research and pests prevention and control products of private technology companies, main R & D, production and sales of indoor and outdoor mosquito killing lamp, with the independent brand "stream of brand double light source" mosquito killing lamp and gully four prevention device. The company is headquartered in Pengjiang District of Jiangmen city Shihao white forest No. 41. With more than 2000 square meters of production plant and the professional research staff of dozens of people. Since its inception, we have the spirit of honesty, customer first principle of service, won the praise of clients.
    Contact: Miss Gaomobile phone:13902887996Telephone:0750-3823268 website: www.kunzhong.cnAddress: Guangdong Jiangmen white Shihao forest in Pengjiang District No. 41
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