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    And teach you the essentials of electronic mosquito lamp

    Author:  Update:2016-02-22  Counting:420
    (1) anti mosquito lamps before the demolition must first cut off the power supply (pull off extinguishes the mosquito lamp power plug) and with a small screwdriver touch two wires of the adjacent to the high-voltage power grid, so that the high-voltage discharge. Otherwise it may shock in the demolition, especially in summer and autumn, hand sweat or moist, shock will be more powerful. Although not dangerous in terms of the body's normal, but being the feeling of electric shock is very uncomfortable, but also easy to unconsciously the mosquito killing lamp fell off, causing damage to the UV fluorescent tube or other parts, so we must pay attention to.
    (2) the general anti mosquito lamp structure is complex and usually just unscrew the plastic shell cover or the base 2 or 3 screw can be removed out of the inner core.
    (3) for the dismounting of the lamp, should first exit lamp bracket, then carefully pinched tubes close to the glass tube lamp, slowly rotating the lamp on the line. Demolition should pay attention to don't hurt the tip of the tail gas sealing lamp, lamp leakage or scrapped.
    (4) to remove the printed circuit board, in addition to the screw PCB unscrew, usually should also remove tube connecting line and the connecting line of high voltage power grid, or inconvenient maintenance, but also easy to damage related components.
    (5) repair is completed, reversible disassembly steps of the installation, re assembly should focus on attention to protect UV fluorescent tube, printed circuit board components, but also to prevent the high-voltage power grid due to wire collide and short-circuit phenomenon.
     (6) after installation of power test machine. Plug the power plug mosquito lamp, UV fluorescent tube should be light. And pull out the power plug, touch the high-voltage power grid adjacent two metal wire with a screwdriver, should see and hear sound discharge spark discharge. This can be considered normal mosquito lamp. Of course, further check the voltage can be measured with a multimeter high voltage at both ends of the 3 doubling circuit should be 750 ~ 900V, 4 times the pressure of 1000 ~ 1200V, 5 times the pressure of 1250 ~ 1500V. Due to the high voltage source resistance is larger, so the measurement value with the multimeter impedance is also larger, but mostly in the range. The above test method is also applicable to general inspection and maintenance before the judgment function of anti mosquito lamp.
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