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    Note the mosquito lamp manufacturers to remind you to use mosquito lamp

    Author:  Update:2016-02-22  Counting:455
    Use the mosquito lamp at the same time you notice should pay attention to the problem? Linyi Jinxing Electric Appliance Factory is to remind you of the use of anti mosquito lamp should pay attention:
         1.I don't live mobile mosquito, so as not to pull the bad power line or accident.
         2.The boot will not hand into a machine or fiddle with the machine, so as not to damage the machine or accident.
         3. clean set of mosquito nets should first unplug the power plug, do not live operation.
         4.The use of children in the environment, should be the mosquito on the children can not touch the place.
         5.The indoor use, don't put the machine into water or to pour water into and outdoor use rain must be recovered and stored indoors, in order to avoid short-circuit, resulting in injury or electric shock.
         6.The quality problems found, please contact with the suppliers, not private demolition repair.

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