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    Product features CCJK mosquito lamp

    Author:  Update:2016-02-22  Counting:432
    The mosquito lamp has the advantages of simple structure, low price, beautiful appearance, small volume, low power consumption etc..
        1.The wind light, mosquitoes in whatever direction can be tempting, the killing rate is high, large range.
        2.The photocatalyst produced carbon dioxide, scent and simulate human breath, strong trapping effect, high mosquito killing efficiency, no pollution, environmental protection is prominent.
        3.The information captured live mosquitoes, releasing hormone, induce similar gather, continuous trapping and killing completely.
        4The mosquitoes were dried or natural death, no smell out, easy to continue mosquito trapping.
        5.Anti mosquito device to escape (escape proof blinds) with the biggest characteristic, power-off automatic shut-off, mosquitoes into again did not come out, the dehydration of natural death.

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