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    The performance and characteristics of Kunzhong mosquito killing lamp

    Author:  Update:2016-02-22  Counting:485
    1. high technology content
    The product has the light rain control, time control and voltage protection function four. In mechanical electronics, physics, electrochemistry, optics, biology and other six science in the integration, in the aspects of innovative, domestic and international leading.
    2. a wide range of pest control
    From the area, geographical restrictions, applicable to rice, vegetables, wheat, corn, tea, cotton, tobacco, fruits, trees and other base.
    3. pest control area
    A bug can cover 15-25 acres of farmland.
    4. pest control efficiency
    Killing rate is more than 85%, kill 100, cut off the chain propagation of pests. The pest no light resistance, don't worry because of the long-term use and reduce pest control effect.
    5. run rate low
    Because of the unique patented technology, the product run bug rate is only 1-3%, and run rate of similar products more than 40-60%.
    6. targeted pest control:
    Can be for the trapping and killing various pests, against strong potency of pests such as whiteflies, fruit flies, grasshoppers and other unique traps, predators of pests such as wasp, Trichogramma, dragonflies and other can effectively protect.
    7. long service life
    Once installed, use 7-10 years (insect trapping lamp bulb about 2 years), the use of maintenance free lead-acid battery configuration, even with continuous overcast and rainy days 5, 6 days, bug zapper can normal work.
    8. the use of low cost
    Can gradually replace pesticides, eliminates the planted poles, pull wires, electricity cost, enjoy the state of farm machinery purchase subsidy.
    9. good environmental protection performance
    Effective suppression of pesticides; protection pests, is conducive to the maintenance of ecological balance; is conducive to the protection of vegetation and water resources; avoid agricultural products because of the use of pesticides cause two pollution of consumer groups "".
    10. the energy saving effect is remarkable
    Products used by the power supply from solar power, per million units annual saving 20 thousand kwh, equivalent to 3.9 tons of coal, reducing CO2 emissions of more than 80 tons.

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